Fully qualified and insured female Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist. Temple Bodies brings dedicated health and fitness services to the comfort of your own home in Wicklow and surrounding areas of Dun Laoghaire and Bray. All necessary equipment provided.

Temple Bodies

Treat your body like the temple that it is.

Charlotte is a friendly and most of all professional Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist. She is highly experienced in working with a diverse range of clients; from experienced athletes to beginners and furthermore everyone in between. Living a healthy lifestyle is hard. Charlotte knows this as well as anyone and is consequently able to relate to her clients in an understanding and motivational way to help get the best out of ever session. She is extremely passionate about health and fitness and wants to share her knowledge and expertise to help everyone maintain a healthy relationship with their body, both emotionally and physically.

I spent 3 years studying health, fitness and injuries full time and have continued participating in course after course ever since to get a deeper understanding how the body works as a whole. During my journey I have learned how taking care of your body not only changes the way you look but also how you feel. Your health, your skin and your confidence will all come on leaps and bounds once you are on the right path.

During Personal Training sessions you will work hard, learn new things, sweat, smile, grimace and laugh (not necessarily in that order!). You will achieve your goals.

I know first-hand how it feels to be unhappy with your body image since I never had that ‘skinny’ frame even as a child. To this day I still have to work very hard with both exercise (muay thai, yoga and weight training) and nutrition to stay in shape.

Sports Massage Therapy

Deep manual manipulation to tight or injured muscles

Vacuum cupping and hair thin needles into trigger points

Personal Training

Injury rehab and prevention

Core stability

Weightloss / Muscle gain / Toning


Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise


Sports specific training programmes


Sports Massage Therapy – 40 euros

Personal Training – 3 sessions per week for 6 weeks 550 euros. Including personalized nutrition plan and consultation to discuss goals