Laura is a Wellness Coach and founder of Phelan Well. Since her inspiring recovery from anorexia, Laura has devoted her professional life to helping others. Her team of dedicated resident experts share this passion. They work tirelessly to bring you a complete and individually tailored wellbeing experience- enabling a total mind and body transformation.

As a practitioner in eating disorders and nutritional intervention, Laura is able to coach and support people to achieve a healthier relationship with themselves and food. By working predominantly via skype and online lessons, clients receive regular support. By working hard and applying the principles learned, clients have transformed in just 6 weeks. Said principles include; knowing what to eat to nourish their body, improving mental health and wellbeing, learning to love their bodies and feeling in control and mindful about what to eat.

Fitness can play a significant part in Laura’s wellbeing programmes. As an advanced box-fit instructor, Laura offers small group training sessions as well as one to one training sessions. Boxing is a perfect form of exercise to promote both cardiovascular and muscular endurance workouts. Build strength, improve stamina, achieve a total full body workout AND relieve stress.

Specialising in;

  • Eating disorder recovery
  • Active living
  • Empowering wellbeing
  • Building confidence through self-realisation and appreciation
  • Boxing Fitness
  • Nutrition

Qualifications and associations;

  • Boxing fitness as an advanced boxing instructor
  • Ambassador for B-eat, the UK’s leading eating disorder charity
  • Mental Health trainer for Mind
  • Diploma in Practitioner and Nutritional Interventions from the National Centre of Eating Disorders
Practitioner Testimonials:

Claire: Laura took me back to a long-ago place in childhood and brought back memories I had attempted to resurrect. The questions she asked me enabled me to answer. First person I had ever told about my bulimia. This took the burden off once I admitted this and I was able to start dealing with this. What really worked was when Laura told me purging does not work and will not make me lose weight. This liberated me and allowed me to move on from 50 years back and get over what I wanted to change and wished were different. Why should this affect me?

I now feel so much more peaceful, I feel I have thrown weight away and I feel liberated. I feel I am in a good place to carry on. I don’t believe in paying people and ignoring advice. Everything Laura has done with me has worked. Using these combination of tools, weight will gradually come off and this will increase my health. I feel I can move forward with a lighter step.


Yasmin: Firstly, I wanted to thank you immensely for the input you have given towards Yasmin reaching her goals and being in a better place. I remember the day I called you and the weeks before this; I was in a bad place myself full of worry for Yasmin and her physical and mental health. Fast forward a couple of months – and she’s almost like a new woman! She has made (and continues to make) an excellent recovery from a major operation, but alongside this her mental, emotional, and eating problems have improved. I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to see this positive progression and a lot of this is thanks to you Laura. Thank you! X

Boxing Testimonial:

Naomh: On Tuesday I had my first Phelan Well session with Laura! When I arrived, she made me feel so welcome and began to explain how the aim of our sessions will be to work on my fitness but also my confidence, something that I’ve really struggled with. We started the session very easily by jogging across the room, something that I wouldn’t usually do, however Laura joined in and I felt at ease straight away. The session was quick and each activity was timed and I could stop at any point for a drink or if it was too much.

Before my session she asked me to fill out a questionnaire so that she could personalise my session. I rated my own fitness and ability very low, however, Laura told me I would be surprised at my own fitness which I was! I felt like a new woman coming out of my session and can’t wait to go back next week!

I have worked with Laura over the last few weeks and I have never felt better in my life! Her programme is based purely on your mental and physical well-being, with a special emphasis on feeling fit, which women of every age often overshadow and focus mainly on losing weight. In order to feel better in yourself you need to feel healthy and fit, which Laura can pride herself in teaching you through her frequent emails of healthy snacks and meals.


For face to face visits in London, Phelan Well covers Brent, Harrow, Camden, Chelsea, Barnet and surrounding areas. Online services are available nationwide. For more information and to make an initial enquiry email Laura directly at or for more information and to visit the full website  click here