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Darran is an at home personal trainer, providing 1-2-1 and train with a friend personal training services exclusively to clients homes, offices, or local parks. He covers Birmingham and Solihull, including; Kings Heath, Moseley, Harborne, Edgbaston, Wythall, Shirley, Olton, and all surrounding areas.


Darran is hugely experienced; having been a personal trainer since 2008. He has spent his entire personal training career catering exclusively to clients in a home environment (home, place of work, garden or local park). So if you hate the gym, or simply don’t have time to travel, Darran’s at home personal training is the service for you! Throughout his career, he has gained a reputation for being able to apply fun and effective training techniques for a wide variety of clients. Whether young or old, beginner or experienced, Darran knows how to get the best out of you and help you achieve your goals.

“Being a quality Home Personal Trainer isn’t just about knowing how to help someone lose weight or tone up. You need many more strings to your bow than those basics. Every client is different. Every client has a different goal. I have pregnant clients, overweight clients, young up-and-coming sports people, even clients just looking to maintain fitness levels and continue a healthy lifestyle. Every session is a new experience, which is both challenging and enjoyable for myself and my clients!”

At Home Personal Training

As a mobile personal trainer, Darran brings a great workout right to the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need any equipment! He offers specialist skills in; circuit training, boxing, marathon training, sports specific conditioning, kettlebells, pre- and post-natal training, young people and older adults fitness, and exercise referral for clients with a pre-existing medical condition.

Darran’s own sporting background highlights his keenness to apply different skills to different disciplines. He was a successful cross country and middle distance runner (competing in national finals as county champion), a gifted footballer (representing Birmingham City FC at youth level) and a keen golfer (captain of Evesham Golf Club as a junior). It was this passion for fitness growing up that eventually brought him to discover his calling as a personal trainer, after completing university and gaining a degree in criminology of all things!

At Home Personal Trainer Birmingham SERVICES
  • Personal Training
  • Running Training
  • Kettlebells
  • Boxing Fitness
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Pre- and Post-Natal Exercise
  • Children and Young Adults
  • Fat Loss / Weight Loss / Increased Lean Muscle Mass & Endurance
At Home Personal Trainer Birmingham Success Stories
Client with a disability

“One of my proudest success stories came from possibly my biggest challenges; training a 6 year old lad with cerebral palsy.

This young boy, is one of the friendliest kids I’ve ever met. He always had a smile on his face, wanting to sing, dance and play. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of his condition (partly because it’s a bit technical for me), but essentially his central motor dysfunctions prevent him from controlling his muscles fully. As a result his movement was limited to crawling and using braces and/or walking rollers.

My challenge here, as a personal trainer, was to help improve core and leg strength to aid improved movement. For an adult client with such a condition it would be difficult. So, to conduct training sessions that are fun and productive for a child stretched my experience and creativity to the limit.

At times the sessions flew by. Others I doubted how much progress we were making. That was until his mother sent me a picture over text after about 5 weeks of training. He was standing up unassisted! Something he had never been able to do before, and something we were told he may never accomplish. Seeing this made me realise that no matter what your goals are, and no matter how hard you (or anyone else) think they will be to achieve, reach for the sky!”

Aspiring athletes

“ I love helping clients achieve their goals. It’s a rare and special occasion when I get to work with young clients with a sporting goal. I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of highly skilled young athletes in Birmingham, but it’s two aspiring footballers that I want to mention here; Lewis Clarke and Easah Suliman. Remember the names, note them down if you need to, because these lads both have what it takes. They are right at the beginning of their career paths, with bright futures ahead of them. They have signed schoolboy forms with teams in the West Midlands; Lewis is at Kidderminster Harriers, and Easah represents Aston Villa (and England).

Training them was both a challenge and a joy. We focused on four main areas of fitness training; speed, agility, explosive power and muscular endurance. Activities include; short range acceleration work, 10 meters up to 200 meter reps, hill training, parachute sprinting, full body workouts, kettlebell training, calisthenics, shuttle runs… you name it we’ve done it.

It’s a real pleasure to work with young people who are dedicated to what they want to do. They are always willing to do another rep and push themselves to get better. It makes my job easy. In fact the only difficult part is the extra training I have to do myself to keep up!”


“Darran is a fab trainer!! I’m not the fittest person, but Darran certainly pushes me to be better and achieve my best! He also advises on diet, weight control and is always a support when I am aiming for a specific goal. He’s also flexible with my work commitments. Every session is hard but enjoyable, I always feel better after the workout! And finally, and importantly it’s really good fun, with lots of laughs!” – Sarah, Moseley


6 week guarantee – Fitness consultation and fitness tests at start and end, with 10 at home personal training sessions in between. Training twice a week – £390 (£32.50 per session). If you don’t improve in at least 1 of the fitness tests I’ll refund ALL of your money (sessions must be completed within the 6 week period).

Individual or train with a friend – £160 a month for 1 session a week (£40 a session) / £280 for 2 sessions a week (£35 a session)

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