At Home Personal Trainer Kettering

At Home Personal Trainer Kettering in addition to the surrounding areas of Corby and Wellingborough. Jack brings specialist home workouts to clients of all ages and ability levels. As a mobile Personal Trainer, Jack provides all necessary equipment, effectively bringing the gym to you. Workouts are tailor made to help you achieve your specific health and fitness goals as well as being packed full of variety to ensure a challenging yet fun workout.

Achieving your goals isn’t just about working out hard; nutrition plays a huge part. Consequently, Jack offers nutritional guidance to help ensure you are given the best possible opportunity to succeed. As someone who suffered with weight management as a teenager, Jack is able to sympathise and as a result, help clients avoid common pitfalls to keep you on the right path. Healthy eating is about learning to adapt to a healthy lifestyle – not simply eating fewer calories or cutting out your favourite treats. Rather it’s about developing your knowledge to understand the benefits of certain foods and adapting your eating habits to enjoy your food in a sustainable way.

Dedicated and Results Driven

Jack is a highly dedicated Personal Trainer because he strives to lead by example. As a keen footballer and boxer, he recognises that exercise is most effective when it’s enjoyable. Of course, you might not enjoy everything you do (squats for example), but Jack makes it his mission to help you find your passion for fitness to help you uncover a skill or ability that you never thought you had.

Motivating people and seeing clients with a smile on their face while they train is something I try to implement in every one of the sessions.


Level 3 Personal Training

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Indoor Cycling

Boxing Fitness

First Aid

Fat Loss and toning

Strength and muscle building


At home Personal Trainer Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough and surrounding areas