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Karl Sawyer is not your average Personal Trainer. Yes he is highly skilled and qualified in providing a vast array of training sessions to test clients of all ability levels. Yes, he is dedicated and passionate about health and fitness. And yes he constantly seeks to acquire fresh knowledge on training principles and disciplines to provide the very best Personal Training services to his clients. He does all this and more. Don’t believe me? Check out a recent client testimonial…

What a fantastic testimonial. So we’ve established Karl is a brilliant Personal Trainer – but it’s not this dedication that sets him apart and makes him a truly inspirational person. Karl has a back story and it’s good…

“In 2003 I was very badly injured in a motorcycle accident and needed a long and painful recovery. My leg was shattered and crushed. The nerves in my lower leg and been damaged and I had damage to a disk at L5/S1 that was pressing on my spinal cord. I was told I would never walk unaided again and I would never be able to return to my active life. This destroyed me, physically and mentally. Obviously, I was unable to train (I was on crutches for 3 years so I couldn’t do much at all) and I gained a lot of weight. I have had 4 surgeries, over 2 years, to repair the damage to my leg but I was left broken and in constant pain. Physiotherapists I worked with over another year got me walking but I needed a stick. Over the next year, I was able to walk without the stick but had a very bad limp and it was incredibly painful.
I was like this for quite a while until I had enough and decided I needed to fix myself.
Through years of personal study, I learnt as much as possible about rehabilitation for the injuries I had (and by extent other injuries too) and have been able to return to almost complete functionality as well as overcome a number of other complications caused by the accident. A large part of what helped me was learning about sports strength and conditioning and basic anatomy and physiology. I found out what was causing the problems I was experiencing and looked for ways correct the issue. I got back to weight lifting (this has been the biggest factor in reducing the pain in my leg) and have returned to training in martial arts. I’ve had the odd set back and I still have a lack of mobility in my left ankle (I’m working on it) but given that I was told to just accept what had happened several times I think I’m doing ok…
I’m now looking to compete in a power lifting comp where I fully expect to squat over 200kg
Not bad for a guy who was told to give up on walking …”

I told you right?!

We all have set backs and consequently all encounter issues or problems that we feel are preventing us from fulfilling our potential. Some of those barriers or walls are higher than others. That isn’t important. What is important is finding a way to navigate those difficulties and most of all come out the other side. This is where Karl comes in because no is not a suitable answer. Can’t isn’t in his dictionary. If there’s a problem, fine, let’s find a solution.

“I want to help people overcome life’s challenges whatever they are and set them on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.”



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