Personal Trainer For Women

Female Personal Trainer for women in London, bringing health and fitness to women over forty. Personal Training and online coaching for women looking to shed weight and get in the best shape of their lives, or women who are recovering from illness or surgery. Join Alison and you too will be Feeling Fantastic Over Forty.

Personal Trainer For Women Over 40

Alison Graham is a special type of Personal Trainer for women. Not because she caters exclusively to women over 40 years old. And not because she became a Personal Trainer having overcome weight struggles through discovering a passion for running and the feeling that being fit gave her. And not even because she wants to help share that feeling with women all over the world. Yes, they are all traits that make her such an inspiration, but that’s not the real headline.

Alison is the catalyst of being special.

I love to see the changes in a person that happen when they find their fitness and muscle strength, it has an amazing ripple effect through the rest of their world and I love being the facilitator of that.  All my clients are responsible for the amazing results that they achieve, I am the guide, motivator, coach and friend that gets them there.

You don’t pay for time – you pay for results.

Alison is a results driven Personal Trainer and Online Coach. When you start a programme with Alison, you know you are at the beginning of your health and fitness journey with her. You will be challenged, pushed, taught new things and made accountable for decisions. You’ll laugh, smile, sweat and maybe even curse her name once or twice. You will get results!

I love hearing about when someone pays 1 of my clients a compliment- especially if its someone at work that they think doesn’t know them and they call them inspiring. That is a massive boost for them when they feel invisible.

Or when they tell me they have done something that many people wouldn’t really think about;  Buying bras in high street shops because their boobs have shrunk / They climbed a stepladder to do a job at home which they would have left before because they weren’t confident enough to do it previously.

Alison Loves the outdoors. In her spare-time she’s most likely cycling, water skiing, skiing, horse riding, walking, hiking, camping, cooking and eating. When she’s not running past pedestrians in London Parks like the wind, or marshalling and hosting events (surely she’s sleeping right?!), she might be taking the opportunity to talk about women’s health, fitness and well-being at public speaking events. If you’ve ever seen her at such an event you might recognize her foundation acronym; SHINE

SHINE stands for Sleep, Hydration, Internal Conversation, Nutrition and Exercise.  They are all important and doing lots of one doesn’t make up for the lack of another.


Online programme “Shift your Body Fat”

Clients who have followed this programme have lost up to 20lbs over twelve weeks.  It is a basis for lifestyle transformation and follows the pattern of all my training but online.  It runs 4 times per year and only available for 10 clients at a time – ensuring full support to achieve their goals.  Price £597

“Fat: Get it Off Keep it Off”

6-month package.  For those with 3 stone or more to lose.  Training is face to face with online accountability, food tracking and mindset work.  The results are not only weight loss but also lifestyle transformation that supports and sustains their goals. Price £4,500

“Recovery to Fitness”

This is a personalised package as it depends what the client is recovering from. Most injuries take 12 weeks to get back to normal so that they can go back to their usual training/lifestyle and a package can be worked out to achieve that.

This package also covers recovery from surgery and also recovery from cancer and getting back to work. These areas may take longer than the regular 12 weeks so depending on what the start point is and the goal to be achieved means this need to be a personalised. Price £ varied


Finsbury Park, Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Victoria Park, Clissold Park, London West End, Islington, Highgate, Hampstead, Highbury… and online

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