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Level 3 certified Personal Trainer in Cannock; specialising in home based Personal Training in Cannock. First of all bringing challenging, fun and tailor-made Personal Training sessions to clients Cannock, Telford and Stafford.

Personal Training in Cannock

Rob is not your typical Personal Trainer in Cannock. Having come from a military background, you might wrongly assume a drill sergeant figure – shouting instructions and the like. An assumption that’s far from accurate. Rob is highly motivational and professional – as you would expect, but he’s so much more than that.

The fact that I’ve had a positive impact on a life is an amazing feeling. It feels good to help people and make positive changes. I think the world would be a better place if everyone was happier.

At his core, Rob is an educator. He focuses personal training programmes on making sure clients understand what they are doing and why. Anyone can ‘beast’ a client and give them the hardest training session they’ve ever had. Make them sweat throughout the session and stiff the next day. That’s not the approach a truely professional Personal Trainer takes. Rob is a professional. He understands the importance of functionality. The importance of education. The importance of estabilishing a foundation from which to build exercise on – in order to consistantly improve performance, without the risk of injury.

Personal Training Sessions

Sessions are packed full of variety, with a strong emphasis on fun, functionality and freedom of movement. Rob brings everything you need for a total full body workout, including sessions featuring kettlebells, calisthenics, boxing, circuit training and core strength and stability.

I specialise in two areas: run coaching and technique training; something I continually work on and study.  I also specialise in movement neurology; working towards achieving muscle balance and proactively removing pain through postural and neurological improvement to achieve a variety of goals.  My approach is a holistic method that combines novel exercise with conventional training techniques and sports massage.  I find this area infinitely interesting as techniques are always developing and there is so much to learn to be able to continually improve myself and my service to others.  The more I can learn, then the more people I can help with pain and movement problems.


Fitness can change lives in such a positive way. It brings communities together and introduces a wider world of experiences.  It improves physical and mental health. It’s really easy to be sedentary but then it’s not so easy to be ill and in chronic pain. Fitness can be empowering.  Achieving things you didn’t think your body was capable of, when it’s mentality not physicality that will more than likely hold us back. Any kind of fitness can lead to achieving a dreamed about outcome or being able to do things not thought possible will change an individual. And change them for the better. That can only improve us as a species. It can bring much needed solitude and focus or group interaction that will smash through any social barriers.

 Client Testimonials:

Chloe, 18

“I decided to have a personal trainer because I needed to improve my fitness so I was ready for my RAF fitness test. I decided that Rob would be great for myself because of his history of being in the military and his fitness qualifications. He has expert knowledge on everything to do with getting fit from eating properly to stretching. If he wasn’t sure of the answer to a question he would check it out and let you know. He always arrived fully prepared for the session and had a clear plan of what he wanted you to get out of the session. His view throughout is that he is your personal trainer in Cannock so he is there to do what is best for you. 

With the range of knowledge he has it means he can plan different types of session whether that be using the TRX, circuits or interval training. This meant that no sessions were ever the same therefore making each session more enjoyable because you aren’t just doing the same thing over and over again. Rob has been my personal trainer in Cannock for the past 5 months and I have definitely seen an improvement in my press ups, sit ups and running, which I need for my RAF test. Also having a personal trainer there to motivate you throughout gives you a great boost of motivation and confidence which makes you feel great inside too.”

Sophie, 45

“Running style much improved and original 10K target race times set have been achieved.  All training sessions are different and fun, incorporating all aspects of fitness.  Highly recommended!”

Emlyn, 45

“I am writing this letter to express my great satisfaction with the quality of Personal Training Rob delivers. I am forty one years old and not getting any younger and was finding myself locked in the rat run of life at work, which consists of wake up go to work come home go to bed.

I contact Rob and arranged a consultation. From day one’s consultation we worked out the goals and achievements I wanted plus a realistic time scale to achieve them. We meet at least twice a week may be more sometimes and I have an hour session working on different areas of my fitness. The places we meet can be very different like on Cannock Chase where we do numerous exercises using the surrounding area or in the gym using the wide selection of machines. Where ever we are Rob seems to adapt to his surroundings and you get a great work out. I have currently achieved two of my goals, which one of these was to get round an horrific ten to twelve mile course up hill’s and through bogs. The race was called Hellrunner and was located at Trentham Gardens. 

From start to Finish Rob gave me so much encouragement he got me round the course, not just me his helpfulness also got a few other struggling people round as well. My other goal was to make me run quicker so that this would reduce my time down for doing a mile and a half. We are currently going to be working on my running style so that it will reduce my time even further. We are also looking at the way and what I eat as this is something I struggle with when I’m at work. Rob has a great way of teaching little things that prove so helpful and explaining why we’re doing the things we are.”


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Prices and packages:

Personal Training

Price ranges and packages are explained at the end of initial consultation.  There is the option of a one-off taster session for clients to make sure it’s a good fit. All packages are paid by monthly Direct Debit

Sports Massage in Cannock

£15 for a consultation (a consultation is mandatory to any massage)

£25 for 30mins or £35 for 45-60 mins for one off sessions

For regular sports massage there are package prices (covered in the consultation).

Sports massage is included in Personal Training.

Locations Covered:

The Rugeley, Cannock and surrounding areas, Bloxwich, Stafford, Telford, Bridgnorth


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