Female Personal Trainer – Beth Lavis Fitness – Gymbox | Old Street, 201A Old Street, London, EC1V 9NP

Level 3 Personal Trainer.

Level 5 Sport and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

Specialist in strength training and fat loss for females

As you would expect from an elite level Personal Trainer, Beth Lavis Fitness is passionate about health and fitness. What sets her apart from other run of the mill Personal Trainers though is her dedication not only to her clients, but to the knowledge that she imparts upon them. When you train with Beth Lavis Fitness, you reap the benefits of her commitment to you as an individual. Your training program perfectly reflects your goals and lifestyle in order to ensure constant progress towards being a fitter, healthier you.

As well as exceptional knowledge in my field, I’m an incredibly encouraging and supportive individual. I thoroughly enjoy helping others; if I could do it for free, I would. I go above and beyond for my clients, offering 24/7 support and daily check-ins. All of my programs are specially formulated with the client’s best interest in mind. My background training to be a professional dancer, alongside studying Sports Massage has helped me to understand the body in a way that most other PT’s don’t. Understanding how your body works is fundamental for success.

Why train with Beth Lavis Fitness?

It’s simple, I care. I’ve seen too many PT’s in this business for the money and in my opinion, that’s not OK. I believe that when a client chooses me to be their coach, they are investing in me. Not only as a service provider, but as a human being, it is my duty to invest in them with as much as I have. I am also passionate. Passionate about fitness, about life and about helping others. I believe I am more than just a coach, this is why I am forever investing in myself. Growing my resources to provide the most support I can to my clients.

“Beth has this amazing sense of providing motivation and personal goals! Starting with her I saw progress in 2 weeks that I wasn’t getting after months of training myself. She has got me to love upper body training; something I used to avoid previously. Her workout and nutrition plans are personal and well set out for individual goals. Thanks so much Beth!” – Vanessa

“Beth has pulled the short straw with me because I hate going to the gym/exercise, but despite my complaining, she’s always so lovely and really motivates me to keep going. She isn’t judgmental, she never tells me off, she just thinks of new things for me to do and supports me to keep going. Thanks Beth!!” – Clare

“Beth is very professional in terms of designing a suitable fitness and nutrition plan according to my goals. She has been very supportive, encouraging! Absolutely love training with her! Good to mention, she is quite flexible with the session schedule, which I found very convenient!” – Michelle

Prices and Packages:
Full Time Training

12 Hours 1-1 Personal Training

Nutrition Coaching

24/7 Support
Full Time Specialised Training Plan

Lifestyle Advice Documents

£600/month (£50/hour plus FREE nutrition coaching)

Part Time Training

8 Hours 1-1 Personal Training

24/7 Support

Full Time Specialised Training Plan

Lifestyle Advice Documents

£480/month £60/hour

Nutrition Coaching

1 Hour/Month sit down check-ins

Specially Calculated Macronutrients

Meal Ideas PDF

24/7 Support

Weekly Email Check-ins

Lifestyle Advice Documents


£90/2-months (10% discount*)

£120/3-months (20% discount*)

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